This is where you can sign up for your 8 week Puppy-Obedience course.  You can also pre-order any or all of the equipment that we will be using during the classes.  Any pre-purchased equipment will be available for collection at your next class:

* Soft Rope Slip-lead
* Specific-pitch Plastic Whistle & Lanyard
* Gundog Puppy-Dummy for later classes

Use the simple               form on the contact page to email Lucy with your requirements.  Please be sure to include all relevant details about  your puppy:

* D.O.B
* Breed
* M/F

And please also list any equipment that you would like to pre-order.

Lucy will then contact you to let you know which class is best suited to your puppy.  If the class time and day is agreeable, you will be sent an e-invoice for the puppy course and any equipment that you choose to buy.  Whenever possible, payment is taken via Paypal.  You do not need a Paypal account in order to pay this way.  It's quick, simple and eliminates the need for clients to bring cash to clases.


Classes cost £15 and last 45-60mins depending on class size