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North of Scotland Gundog Test

What a wonderful day we had today at the North of Scotland Gundog Club Summer Test! Both of our boys had a brilliant time and really did me proud.

Murphy was one of very few dogs to get full marks on the Blind Retrieve test, running out like a fuzzy little bullet, straight to the dummy. If I didn't know better, i would've sworn he'd cheated somehow! Unfortunately, the windy conditions meant that it was very difficult for the dogs to hear their handlers, when far out on a retrieve. Murphy suffered some seriously selective hearing whilst searching for a dummy up a steep bank, next to a roaring river. I choose to believe that he genuinely couldn't hear me....but have my suspicions that he was just having faaaar too much fun showing off in front of the crowd...!!

Ripley had a great time in the Puppy Test and did some of the best hunting I've seen him do. I'm certain there must have been some scent around, or perhaps he was just in a particularly good mood?! Well, he excelled himself and we came away with 3rd Place!! We were beaten by Gundog-Royalty in the form of Eddie Scott and Jamie Reid, so certainly couldn't have hoped for any better.

This photo is of the competitors waiting for our turn.

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