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Aberdeen Puppy Classes

My life revolves around dogs.  I spend my days training my two amazing pups and dream of the day when I can get the next one!  

I was incredibly lucky with my first experience of puppy training.  When asking around about local trainers, my vet gave me the contact details of possibly the finest dog-trainer in Surrey.  Sally and her amazing assistants Mandy and Jill, showed me how to train my puppy and guided me through every hurdle.  When my pup was 7 months old I enquired about becoming a trainer myself.  I spent almost a year working as an assistant and learning the various techniques.  When I wasn't working, I observed as many classes as I could.

I now live in Aberdeen with my husband, our son, and two little Gundogs, Murphy and Ripley.  I never would have known it was possible to get so much pure joy from owning and training an animal.  Sharing that joy and knowledge with other puppy owners is the best job in the whole world!

Lucy Millar

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